The Built By Vin Story


Wine Display (shown in white oak with padauk)

The first Built By Vin product and a best seller. The one that started it all! 

Built By Vin founder, Vinnie Charity was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and loved making things at a very young age.

He became interested in music as a teenager, designed and built a customized car stereo system for his car, and eventually started installing custom sound systems for his friends. Not being a fan of the cheap, pre-made speaker boxes available at most car stereo shops, he decided to build his own. These boxes were also custom-fitted and matched the customer's car, which looked and sounded much better than the store-bought versions. Soon, everyone wanted to have one of these custom stereos installed and Vinnie's vision of becoming an entrepreneur began. A true perfectionist by nature, the personal dedication he put into each of his builds was a key factor in growing his customer base.

He quickly became well known for his super-clean installs, characterized by the absence of wires, cabling, and even hardware. To him, hiding wires and mounting hardware helped highlight the beauty of the equipment and added a sleek modern look.

As his tool collection grew, so did his love for creating, so he began building things for his home. After getting numerous requests from friends, family, and co-workers to have things built by "Vin", Built By Vin was born.



Minimalist Approach with a Modern Touch.


Doghouse Leash Hanger

This simple design features sturdy hanging posts that also double as the mounting hardware!

For Vinnie, creating things is an intimate process. Before deciding on a design, he thinks about how an item will be used and removes everything that doesn't need to be there. After years of practice, he found that simplifying the design of an item produced the most elegant results. This is how the minimalist style of every Built By Vin product has evolved over the years.